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Scientific Community
 Full member of the Sigma Xi scientific research society (since 2015).
 Reviewer of multiple scientific journals on uncertainty quantification and

 Deep Learning (deeplearning.ai & Coursera, 2018)
 Neural Networks & Deep Learning
 Improving Deep Neural Networks
 Structuring Machine Learning Projects
 Convolutional Neural Networks
 Sequence Models
 Six Sigma DMAIC & DFSS (General Electric Co., 2016)
 Project Management (General Electric Co., 2016)

(14) Talent Development Workshop (2018)
Selected for Novation’s Talent Development Workshop.
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center

(13) Impact Award (2018)
"Thank you for taking the initiative to reach out [...] you’ve opened up for the potential for much broader and faster exploration of the turbomachinery aerodynamic design spaces. [...] Also, we look forward to incorporating more of your team’s knowledge and technique into our product."
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center, Aviation, & Power

(12) Impact Award (2018)
"Many thanks for the great work in helping the LC Steam Turbine Team with great regression tools on the turbine prediction code improvements. The regressions needed were impossible to achieve with commercial codes tested. [...] You helped reduce prediction time with up to 20%. Your work and your support made it possible for us to achieve this."
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center & Baker Hughes (a GE company)

(11) GE GRC’s Teaching award (2018)
Teaching Probabilistic methods, optimization, the Bayesian technology, & data analytics
(select topics: Gaussian processes, bayesian global optimization, genetic algorithms, bayesian hybrid modeling (bayesian calibration))
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center

(10) GE GRC’s “Above and beyond” award (2016)
“...Your technical deliverables are critical to our business. Your presentations to senior leadership are excellent. Your dedication and excellent work are highly appreciated by our customers.”
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center & Distributed Power

(9) GE GRC’s “Above and beyond” award (2016)
“...Thanks for enabling me to find a working solution on analyzing the speed sensor data, millions of data points. The code is 75 % faster. I have used this throughout my program for the past year...Thanks for helping!!”
General Electric Co. - Aviation

(8) GE GRC’s “Above and beyond” award (2016)
“...The quality of your work on enhancing the Bayesian hybrid modeling framework demonstrates your engagement with one of the most important tools in our lab...Your hard work and timing in delivering quality code...has impressed our business partners at GE Renewables.”
General Electric Co. - Global Research Center

(7) Henri S. Sack Memorial Award (2011)
“M.Eng. student with the best academic performance in the school of Applied and Engineering Physics.” Cornell University.
About Prof. Dr. Henri S. Sack

The following scholarships were awarded to assist in my studies at Cornell as an M.Eng. student. They were extremely helpful to me, and played a key role in obtaining the above (award # 7) Henri S. Sack memorial award as a result of my studies. I am extremely grateful for the support.

(6) Frants Allings Legat (2010)

(5) Vera & Carl Johan Michaelsens Legat (2010)

(4) Reinholdt W. Jorck og Hustrus Legat (2010)

(3) Otto Moensteds Legat (2010)

(2) Master of Engineering Fellowship (2010)
MEC Fellow.
“(...) are awarded to the most outstanding applicants to the M.Eng. degree program.” Applied and Engineering Physics. Cornell University.

(1) Oticon Fonden (2010)

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