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  1.      Richard Feynman’s Lectures on Physics

        Dr. Feynman was one of the greatest physicists of all time.
        He gave lectures at Cornell University (which were
        recorded) and various interviews. Please watch all of
        them. He also wrote an amazing book in three binds on
        physics which is an absolute must-read.

            - Lectures: Link.

            - Book: Link.

  1.      Leonard Susskind’s Lectures on Physics

        These are lectures given to the public by Leonard
        Susskind at Stanford. He was a good friend of Dr.
        Feynman and is one of the best physicists in the world.
        Also he is probably the only person who can really        

        challenge Stephen Hawking. Dr. Susskind, (the Danish
        physicist) Holger Bech Nielsen, and
        Yoichiro Nambu independently introduced the concept of
        particles being excitations of relativistic strings.
        He covers every major topic in physics in a very interesting
        way. They are certainly worth watching!


  1.     Lev Landau’s Course of Theoretical Physics

       Lev Landau wrote, together with his student Evgeny Lifshitz
       a ten-volume series of books covering theoretical physics.

       He thought up most of the content when he was in prison!
       I consider it a must-read particularly for physicists
       but also applied and engineering physics.

           - Books: Link.

  1.      Walter Lewin’s Lectures on Physics (undergraduate)

        Prof. Walter Lewin is a very exciting, enthusiastic, and
        engaging teacher at MIT. He teaches a couple of physics
        classes with a wide range of topics. I watched all his
        lectures during my first undergraduate semester:

            - Lectures: Link.

  1.     Prof. V. Balakrishnan’s Lectures on Physics (undergraduate)

       I find these lectures very interesting. Prof. Balakrishnan

       from IIT Madras (in India) is an extremely talented physicist
       and a great teacher. He has a deep understanding of the
       subject matter, which he shares with you in these great    

           - Classical Physics: Link.

  1.      iPhone Programming

        Paul Hegarty does a brilliant job in this lecture series and

        knows essentially everything about it. Very thorough
        course on iPhone programming from Stanford.You learn
        how to program in objective C and use the MVC principle.
        Homework is provided as well. Make sure to do them and
        you will get a very firm grasp of the material.


  1.      Programming Paradigms

        Lecturer Jerry Cain does a phenomenal job introducing
        computer science. Follow it and you will learn a lot about
        the various programming languages and what separates
        them. Also, you will never have doubts about
        pointers and general low level memory
        management again!


  1.      Mathematical Physics

        Bruce Kusse in the AEP department at Cornell has an
        amazing course on Mathematical Physics in 2 parts. The   
        book is very well written and has a very nice approach to
        complicated topics. Ever wondered what a
        Green’s function         really is? Or what a Laplace
        transform is? Do you want some deep insight
        into Laplace’s equation or learn something about
        group theory all in a very clear and intuitive way?
        You guessed it, this book is for you.
        I took this course followed by Jackson E&M and I was
        very well prepared for that.


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