Warwick Centre for Predictive Modeling (WCPM)       winter 2015
    I gave a seminar with title “Uncertainty
    Quantfication with Surrogate Models in Alloy
    WCPM Seminar details.
    My talk.

    A-exam                                                                                                   spring 2014
    This is the presentation I gave at my                                
    “Admission to Candidacy” exam in the applied
    and engineering physics department at 
    Cornell University.

    Sibley Graduate Research Symposium (SGRS)              spring 2014
    I presented my research at the first SGRS
    at Cornell University.
    I wrote comprehensive powerpoint presentations on         spring 2013
    Chapters 6 and 7 from the 
    “Bayesian Core” book by J.-M. Marin & Ch. P. Robert. 
    Place:  Cornell University, NY, US
    Link. (Chapter 6 presentation on Finite mixture of distributions)
    Link. (Chapter 7 presentation on Dynamic Models)
    MAE 7150 “Bayesian Scientific Computing”                                   spring 2013
     Place:  Cornell University, NY, US
     Topic:  “Fully Bayesian Reversible Jump 
                 Markov Chain Monte Carlo method 
                 for linear regression.”
                 Link. (presentation)
                  Please send me an email if you are interested in
                  the RJMCMC algorithm itself. I wrote it in MatLab.
                  I also converted the code to Python.

    AEP 5500 “Applied Solid State Physics”                                   spring 2011
     Place: Cornell University, NY, US
     Topic: “Intel’s Ivy bridge”
                Link. (poster)

    Bachelor Thesis                                                        Spring 2010
    Place: Technical University of Denmark
     Topic: “Theory of Electrokinetic Effects in
                Nanofluidic Channels”
                Link (thesis)
                Link (Thesis defense presentation)    

    Third semester project                                                         fall 2008
     Place: Technical University of Denmark
     Topic: “Semiconductor Quantum Dots”
                Link. (report)

Jesper Toft Kristensen

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